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RTL-SDR vs Nooelec Upconverter vs Airspy HF+ Discovery

I’ve been using the RTL-SDR dongle and a Nooeelc HamItUp+ Upconverter for the better part of a year for various projects and shortwave listening. I think they’re great devices, especially for the price point. Recently, I purchased an Airspy HF+ Discovery in an attempt to upgrade my listening experience, particularly on the HF / shortwave bands. The following is one of many tests that I’ll be conducting to compare the three devices. Setup: RTL-SDR v3 Nooelec HamItUp+ UpConverter Airspy HF+ Discovery 9:1 balun Fencetenna connected to balun with wires as follows: 1x 100ft 16 AWG wire that is 2ft off the ground 1x 100ft 16 AWG 6ft off the ground with another 100ft 22 AWG magnet wire extension that is attached to the second story of my house at about 20ft SDR-Console V3 One caveat is that my tests are in no way scientific and it’s mostly based on my experience with signal, noise, and audio.

Global Radio Guide: Summer 2020 Review

Formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide, Gayle Van Horn has released her latest edition of the Global Radio Guide: Summer 2020. This is a great resource for information about radio listening on AM, longwave, and shortwave radio stations all around the globe. The book is part reference and part editorial content that is relevant for all types of listeners. You will find a number of great articles from various authors in the radio world as well as a 24 hour frequency guide for more than 500 stations. This latest edition goes into detail about SDR listening and hardware. In specific, the book reviews the Airspy HF+ Discovery and the RSPdx devices.