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ThisIsAMusicShow #126

I still say that 0200 thursday UTC/0800 Central is my favorite time of the week! Dr. TIAMS gave the prescriptions i needed this week for sure! If TIAMS has not turned you into a bert K fan you are not a fan… 🙂 hfzone word of the week… bertfacemcbeepbeep… My decodes this week are a mix of sdruno/rsp1a/linear-loaded dipole and hdsdr/rtl-sdr v3/mla-30 in music city tn us.

Thank you @TIAMS for another beeping kick beep show! you seriously bring it on every week!


This Is A Music Show #123

What else can you say another awesome MUSIC show that just happens to toss some data stuff…


The John Schroeder Orchestra – Summertime

Kenny Shane – Don’t Turn Me Off
The Five Americans – Somebody Help Me

Al Di Meola – Sequencer
Natasha King – AM-FM
Moti Special – Cold Days, Hot Nights
Kenneth Sherman – Why Can’t We Live Together

Vin Gordon – Enforcement
Sammy – Bed Sax
Dorothy Moore – Here It Is

16-bit – Changing Minds

THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert – Tea And Trumpets

Les Baxter – Born Free