ThisIsAMusicShow #121

TIAMS aka YourHost aka YH aka BrotherMusicSho gave us a good one tonight! The word of the day is Takeshi! TIAMS had an issue last week as you know and messed up the txt data. He sent two data streams at the same time tonight! Thanks to fellow HFZone member DaddyDave for figuring out the second mode that contained last weeks setlist!

I really liked the tornadoes after the start 🙂
Thanks DaddyDave for figuring this part out!
Picked up in TN US with RSP1A/dipole…


Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2021

Every year, the BBC World Service makes a special programme for the team of scientists and support staff isolated at British research stations in the Antarctic midwinter. The Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast features messages from family and friends at home as well as music requests from Antarctica – and this year, includes this beautiful message from David Attenborough, who sends ‘Happy Midwinter’ messages accompanied by a blackbird. Below is a link to BBC’s archive of this year’s broadcast.

Below, we also have DazMan (from discord) presenting to us the actual broadcast as it happened from Bristol, Jersey and France!


Another awesome show from our favorite host! He had some issues with his computer and messed up the TXT decode which resulted in him only sending an image… I did decently ok but not great really with my image decode this week… Decode with RSP1A/SDRuno with dipole in Music City TN US.

Since we had no txt to decode this week I asked YH if he would send us a setlist… 🙂