KBC 9.5.21 broadcast…

What a ride we got sent on tonight! picked up via 5960.

Here we go!

Al Stewart was born Alistair Ian Stewart, September 5, 1945.
Sending Pic:171×248;


Please report your decode the themightykbc@gmail.com
Before RSID: <<THOR Micro @>>

Mode’s used in 5 September’s show:
64 Hz THOR Micro 64 Hz
650 Hz PSKR500 (PSK500R)
1500 Hz THOR22
2250 Hz DominoEX22
2850 Hz DominoEX16
There will be no starting codes for obvious reasons.

Thor Micro

I hit record on SDRuno non IQ recording plugin right before the multi tones… The pictures above are me decoding the various modes on a loop while going off to do something else. I then screenshot and changed modes…

TN US RSP1A/Dipole


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