Radio Carpathia Program 3 on the HFZone audio stream

Hi everyone, Luca T here.

The next Radio Carpathia program which will premiere on September 2nd at 1900 UTC on the Radio Carpathia web stream will also be broadcast on the HFZone audio stream on September 9th at 2300 UTC for the North American audience, courtesy of Frigid. The stream will start at 2230 UTC with The Catface Show, presented by Bob Catface, and after RC Program 3 is finished you will be able to listen to Program 2 which was broadcast exclusively on the Radio Carpathia stream. Enjoy!

RNEI 31x

This weeks 5850 airing of the RNEI broadcast was kind of special for HFZone members as it was hosted not by our fellow member Rose but by our fellow member LucaT! We also got a double dose of Mamma Mest Metal! Here are my decodes of this event with my RSP1A/dipole in TN US.