NEW A23 Human Readable WRMI Skedgrid

The A23 season opens in mid-March and the switch to Daylight Savings Time has just passed. It is time for us to have an updated Skedgrid! I (Guero) have been hammering away to forge a easily read version of the latest WRMI programming grid (skedgrid to borrow a GlennHauser-ism).

You can find the skedgrid at the following link.

This grid is something that I created to help preserve my own sanity when navigating the dozen WRMI broadcast stations–you are welcome to use it to try and save your own. I update the grid almost as frequently as I am alerted to changes in the WRMI lineup–although I make no guarantees for keeping the grid accurate at all times. WRMI programming can be a bit of a moving target!

Kind regards, and best SW Reception wishes,


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