Radio Six International

Radio Six International celebrates its 60th anniversary on Tuesday, 6th June 2023 with a special 24 hour broadcast featuring special programmes from all of our current presenters. The broadcast will begin at midnight GMT and continue until the following midnight GMT. As well as our usual streaming and smart speaker availability, the entire 24 hours will be available on 9,670kHz shortwave across northern Europe, including the UK and Ireland; and on our New Zealand affiliate World FM who will clear their schedules for the day and rebroadcast all our programmes on 88.2MHz and 107.6MHz. Also, two hours in the evening (19:00 – 21:00 GMT) will be broadcast on medium wave from a transmitter near Milan, Italy on 1,323kHz (229m).Presenters covering the 24 hours are (in order of appearance): DJ Cvrrie, Iain McNay, Al Galpin, Ewan Spence, David Belcher, Kenny Tosh, Duncan Newmarch, Andre Leon, Tony Currie, Emma Scott, Todd Gordon, Eric White, John Cavanagh, Thea Newcomb and Emperor Rosko. More details on our programme pages and in Radio News in due course.