Formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide, Gayle Van Horn has released her latest edition of the Global Radio Guide: Summer 2020. This is a great resource for information about radio listening on AM, longwave, and shortwave radio stations all around the globe. The book is part reference and part editorial content that is relevant for all types of listeners. You will find a number of great articles from various authors in the radio world as well as a 24 hour frequency guide for more than 500 stations.

This latest edition goes into detail about SDR listening and hardware. In specific, the book reviews the Airspy HF+ Discovery and the RSPdx devices. Gail and her husband Larry go through a thorough review of the Airspy HF+ Discovery. I love this device and I think the author does a good job of going over its performance.

This Global Radio Guide explains the typical philosophy that shortwave is your ticket to the world. However, what I found especially interesting in this edition is that it includes information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected shortwave radio listeners and the information that can be found about the pandemic by listening to stations around the globe. I really was not expecting such current information to be included in a book that is part reference. Kudos to the authors for being able to compile such an up to date list of stations and programming schedules while still tying in current events.

I really enjoyed Teak’s Actions Bands Hot 1100 Frequency List to see what is out there in the utility bands. This is preceded by some great information about utility bands, which is important for radio listeners because 77 percent of the shortwave spectrum is used by non-broadcast communications services Also included is Best of the DX Programs sections provides some great shows. There is plenty of good information there to keep anybody busy for the summer.

The Global Radio Guide: Summer 2020 is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a subscription, this is a no brainer. If you don’t, the book only costs $8.99 as a Kindle book. There’s plenty of good information for new and seasoned DXers looking for a guide to shortwave listening this summer.