Human Readable WRMI B22 Schedule

I am sharing a human-readable program grid for the 12 WRMI transmitters, formatted as a Google Sheet spreadsheet and downloadable for your personal use.

For those of us that enjoy shortwave, WRMI has some outstanding programming spread among 12 transmitters. Unfortunately, the schedule grid that they publish is not easy to navigate. WRMI has made several decisions in their grid, including mixing UTC/ET times, using sub-grids (System grids), and ordering stations by internal transmitter number rather than frequency. These choices are not easy for a shortwave listener (SWL) to navigate and can be a source of frustration.

I have composed a new grid organized by frequency. This grid collapses all the sub-grids (System grids) into the main document and is tabbed by UTC weekday. On the left-hand column, UTC times and EST are shown side by side.

I maintain this grid and will try to keep it up-to-date and apace of WRMI’s frequent schedule revisions. Feel free to report any updates or programming changes to me at



New Azimuth Map for WRMI A22

As you may be aware, WRMI has made some transmitter adjustments for the A22 season (something about 17th harmonics…) Here is an updated Azimuth map. Changes include 7730 being a new 44° azimuth for EU, and 7780 now transmitting 222° to Central America.

Do you want Azimuth maps for other transmitter sites? Ask Guero in the HFZone Discord!

Guero’s A22 WRMI Program Grid

Greetings all! As part of my ongoing dedication to better SWListening, I am providing my improved version of the WRMI Program Grid. You can download a copy of the xls file at this link: Guero’s A22 WRMI Grid

A few notes are worthy of mention–

Focus: This grid puts emphasis on the WRMI programming that many of us in HFZone find interesting or noteworthy, and downplays other programming. Programming types are color-coded except for religious programming.

Errors: WRMI often adjusts its programming for technical or other undisclosed reasons. This grid should be treated as a live document. Please let Guero know of any updates via the HFZone Discord channel.

Aim: This grid serves as the basis for much of the HFZone Calendar and I try to keep the two synchronized.

Enjoy! –Guero

WRMI azimuth maps

Have you ever wondered which direction your favorite program is being beamed? Do you know which frequency has you in the beam? Look no further. Here are some handy maps to demystify the WRMI broadcast station azimuths! Updated versions of these maps will be posted at!

WRMI Azimuth map!

15770/7780 (7780 may switch to 7730 on 27 March)

WRMI 9955/5800
WRMI 5950/9395